FDP's 4/15 Vote Explained
What exactly are we voting on Sunday in terms of the Weighted Vote?
The exact amendment reads as follows:

“Voting: Voting on all State Executive Committee business, shall be one (1) vote for each member.”

The simple statement above will replace the following paragraph in the current bylaws:
“Voting: Voting on all business, except for the election of the First Vice Chair and congressional district vice chairs, shall be as follows: Each county's vote shall be based upon a number equal to its combined percentages of the total state Democratic registration and the average of the total state Democratic vote for Governor, the total state Democratic vote for President, and the total state Democratic vote for United States Senator, multiplied by five (5), and rounded to the nearest even whole number. The election figures used shall be those certified by the Florida Department of State for the most recent general election for Governor, President, or United States Senator, and the most recent registration figures announced and certified by the Florida Department of State. Each county shall be entitled to a minimum of two (2) votes. Each county's vote shall be divided equally between its state committeeman and state committeewoman.”
In voting for the proposed new language, the State Executive Committee will not be voting on exactly how many representatives each county will get. That will be discussed at a later date. There is a sample allocation table that was distributed by the Rules committee and is available to download at the top of this website. The number of members per county can be discussed and changed at that time that incorporates public input.
Will the DNC really come and change the rules if we don’t take action?
Yes. The DNC has stated at the last two national committee meetings that they are giving Florida another few weeks to move to a one person/one vote system. This was reiterated in a letter sent to the FDP on April 3, 2018. The letter says Florida has until April 25, 2018 to address the issue or the DNC will take the next step to resolve the matter.
Do Elected Officials and Caucus Presidents lose their vote under the new rules?
No. There is a paragraph in the new rules that gives State Committee membership to all elected officials and leaders that currently have membership. Nothing has changed.
Will large counties (like Broward) have only one representative, the same as small counties?
No. The new allocation (which has not been voted yet) will give several representatives to large counties, and less to smaller counties, based on Registered Democrats. What it will change is that one person will not have dozens of votes to themselves, while other members of the committee only have one vote. This will create individual equality throughout the committee, while still maintaining the county representation.
If the State Committee will now have so many more members, how will all of them get to the meetings? It can get expensive.
There is a revised proxy rule that will allow members attending in person to represent someone else as well.
The State Committee is going to get a lot bigger. Will we be able to find large enough meeting space?
Yes. The FDP currently finds space for several thousand people when they hold events like the Florida Blue Gala, and the State Convention. They will be able to get space this size for other meetings. 
How will New State Committee Members be chosen?
There will be new procedures written into the FDP Policy manual that will allow DECs to conduct a search for new State Committee Members from registered Democrats in the County (although current precinct people may be elected as State Committee Members). This will allow for people who wouldn’t be able to serve as precinct people (particularly minorities and youth) because of membership limitations, to participate in the FDP.