Petition Comments
The following are comments from signers of the petition
Tell the Florida Democratic Party: Replace the Weighted Vote System with One Person, One Vote!

I am also an activist in my area, and have done LOTS of GOTV and other mobilization.

Debbie Anderson, Hillsborough

Eliminating the weighted vote will expand and diversify the FDP State Committee and add more voices to leadership. One person / one vote is a democratic system and it’s time for change.

Alison Berke Morano, Duval

Open primaries, while you're at it...

William Bliss, Pinellas

One Voice per One Vote

Judy Boehm, Martin

"State Committeeman - Lee County. I am not 13 votes, I am ONE vote! One Person, One Vote!"

Mike Bonacolta, Lee

One voting member should have one vote to cast. Larger counties rightfully should have larger representation, by having more members not by giving one member more than one vote.

Brenda Boritzki Brevard

One person, one vote.

Mary Campbell Pinellas

Lets get more Democrats elected

Mileivis Cancio, Collier

It’s time for the party to be democratic.

Kevin Carpenter, Leon

The weighted vote system isn't fair.

Leann Chaney, Brevard

Please develop an inspiring message. "We are better"" doesn't work.

Christine Clay, Pinellas

The time has come. One person. One vote.

Pete Colombo, Brevard

The Democratic Party needs to be a party of the people, not a select few, if you want to prevail this fall.

Karlene Conroy, Brevard

This is what democracy looks like!

Sarah Coutu, Santa Rosa

One person One vote

Pamela Dirschka, Brevard

One person one vote. It's simple math

Joanne Evans, Brevard

I'm a DEC precinct captain, and I can't believe how undemocratic the party is!

Anne Feuer, Miami-Dade

One person, One vote. It’s the DEMOCRATIC Party.

Matthew Fleming, Brevard

Democracy. One person, one vote. Plain and simple.


I am a DEC County Board member and president of the St. Petersburg Dem Club

Michael Fox, Pinellas

Restore Democracy to the Democratic Party!

Elena Gellepis, Leon

Those that consolidate internal power with weighted voting will find that this will erode the vitality and reach of their party.

Joseph Godleski, Brevard

Brevard Dems Precinct 206 CW

Michelle Green, Brevard

Let's bring everyone to the table!

Mary Hackney, Escambia

The party must change if we want to succeed

Margaret Haues, Brevard

Time for equality!

Nancy Hernandez, Indian River

One person, one vote. Period.

Elizabeth Hildbrand, Brevard

I support the restoration of democratic principles to the Democratic Party.

Ronald Hinebaugh, Brevard

We must find a solution that doesn't wind up with a State Committee of 500 to 600 members. Getting a quorum will be difficult at best. And getting a venue is almost impossible. Also, what difference is there if you have county committee members voting in a block versus members having more than one vote?

Ellen Holt, Okloosa

“Some are more equal than others” is NOT democratic!

Carolynn Howell, Brevard

Palm Beach county DEC Member

Chris Hubbell, Palm Beach

As someone who's read the bylaws of Florida Democratic many times, one thing stands out above all others. The weighted vote is abhorrent to the stated ideals of the Democratic Party. Disproportionately overvalued electors have and will continue to work not in the interest of the people, but in the interest of their own power. Broadening the membership of our state's executive committee will empower the voices all Democratic Floridians, not just the wealthy Elite that donate their way into power. One person, one vote.

Eric Lehmann, Brevard

One person, one vote is a step in a positive direction to ensure our electoral process is fair and without bias.

Tamika Lyles, Osceola

If this does not pass I am done with the DNC. We start behaving democratically or change the party name!

Jill Marlowe, Escambia

It's about time!

Donna Marshall, Santa Rosa

I fully agree with the principal of one person, one vote. As a party, we need to practice what we preach.

Tenesha Martin, Brevard

The proposed solution allocating one vote to one person is much more fair than the current system. This needs to happen!

Marianne McGee, Escambia

Please vote for the people, one person, one vote. We need to win in 2018 and 2020 without this change we can’t trust you, therefore, we lose.

Deborah Montgomery, Pasco

Weighted block voting is disadvantageous to the people. One person, one vote with proportional member representation based on population within a county more closely resembles fairness and it respects the people's choice in a way that does not favor more densely populated counties over scarcely populated ones. It is the right thing to do.

Elizabeth Myers, Escambia

Get it together people. We need better representation to win elections everywhere.

Erin Nash, Seminole

When this is passed, please conduct business electronically. Extensive and expensive travel is prohibitive for many who would want to participate.

Virginia Nelson, Pinellas

It is time for real change, real progress. We need to get rid of anything that even smells like the Good Old Boy system--at any and every level. This is a great place to get started.

James Pelt, Santa Rosa

Let’s lead by example and start believing in collective wisdom.

Stephen Perenich, Pinellas

One Person One Vote is basic democracy. We must expand representation, inclusion, and grow our party inside and outside the leadership apparatus.

Mario Piscatella, Saint Johns

Time to make the Democratic Party democratic

Ronald Reid, Lake

Change the system to one person/one vote.

Fernando Rendon, Orange

One person, one vote!

Lisa Rigg, Brevard

Very hard staying a registered democrat while trying to defend this indefensible undemocratic system. Make the One Person One vote standard happen NOW!

Jackie Rock, St. Johns


Tami Rothstein, Hillsborough

The members should be further allocated by House District to assure bottom up diversity and prevent one faction from grabbing a county's entire delegation.


One person, one vote!

Kathleen Talbot, Brevard

We want leaders who will lead the conversation not go only by opinion polls.

Elizabeth Thiers, Brevard

"Executive Board Member of Florida College Democrats,President of Manasota Young Democrats,Sarasota County Precinct Captain,Florida Democratic Party Diversity & Inclusion Committee and served on Resolutions Committee"

George Thurlow, Sarasota

I serve as a board member of a county DEC. It is vital that we reconcile our system with a fair and meaningful democratic process.

Paul Truman, Seminole

"This isn't Russia and elections should not be run like it is!"

James Vanderveen, Hernando

"We demand that the State party give the fullest possible representation from the county parties and make our state party more inclusive and reflective. We also demand to become compliant on the national level. Stop trying to keep us in the dark ages because you're afraid to share power."

Jessica Vaughn, Hillsborough

Democrats stand for being fair. Weighted voting is not fair in any sense.

Malinda Villain, Brevard

Let's be Democratic for a change.

Toni Walker, Pinellas

I fully support making this change. The old system is unfair and exclusionary.

Karen Welzel, Polk

I want these elections to be really democratic and fair. As it stands , some have a big advantage. this needs to be corrected NOW. We don t want to have to wait another 20 years for the opportunity to change this to be fair.

Karen Whitehead, Indian River